Refund Policy

(Last updated as on 15-September-2021) 

Since Chaitanyam offers only access to digital goods, no refunds are given after sale. Users are requested to carefully read and understand all the relevant details mentioned before making a payment.

Chaitanyam does not offer refunds in the event of temporary or permanent price drops following purchase at higher prices. All sales of digital content are final.

We are not responsible for any loss/corruption of data that may occur during the process of streaming/downloading the content if the user fails to correctly follow the instructions and/or for reasons not directly attributable to the process/software used by us for completing the process of making the data available for the user’s streaming/download. We are also not responsible for non-completion of the transaction as a result of events beyond our control, such as power cuts, disconnection of internet services by the user’s service provider, use of incompatible third party software by the user, refusal of request by the service provider at the time of making electronic payments, etc.

In cases where the data that has been streamed/downloaded is found to be corrupt or unplayable for any fault of our website, we would not provide a refund but would instead provide the user with an option for accessing the said content for an additional period of time as will be decided by Chaitanyam. We only make exceptions on a case by case basis and this is purely the discretion of Chaitanyam. The deadline for letting us know about any such problem is within 3 days of purchase.

Payments for workshop enrollment are final and non-refundable. In the case of cancellation due to unforseen circumstances, the enrollment fee will be refunded to applicants on a prorated basis depending on the number of sessions completed in a workshop. 

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