‘Art’ is a constantly evolving form of expression, the beauty of which can be appreciated in different ways through the eyes of the beholder. Establishing authenticity and preserving both literature and art in their purest forms is critical to ensure that they are not lost to the world. The legacy of India’s astonishing achievements in music, literature and spirituality is our true inheritance. At Chaitanyam, we believe that this must find its place of pride in our cultural landscape.

Our vision is to present information contained in the veda-shastra-puranas through the medium of Carnatic music and other classical Indian art-forms to the global audience to ensure preservation, propagation and perpetuation using state-of-the-art technology. Chaitanyam is a platform that mobilises exchange of thought and ideas, encourages collaboration between scholars and artistes, presents multimedia content on topics such as (but not restricted to) spirituality, philosophy, iconography, religion, places of worship, composers and their compositions etc. in engaging and informative capsules.

Chaitanyam is also a platform for conducting virtual music workshops for students, providing a seamless learning experience from the guru to the shishya.

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