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This workshop deals with the elegant musical form that is the ragamalika, wherein students will be taught a variety of compositions and also taken through the theoretical aspects of presenting a ragamalika. 

The ragamalika is a musical form unique to Indian classical music that presents the listener with melodic variety, thus establishing stark contrast in tones, moods and emotions.

The workshop will consist of six sessions, each 90 minutes long. Classes will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for two weeks. Dr. Gayathri Girish will be personally conducting the sessions and interacting with the students.

We invite you to join us on this learning journey! 

What you will learn

  • Ragamalika compositions of various composers, taught in detail
  • Tips on presenting a ragamalika in different formats – a kriti, virutham, raga alapana, taanam and kalpana swaras (for RTP)
  • Insights into how different composers have dealt with ragamalikas
  • Studying the raga lakshana of the ragas in each composition

Notations and recordings for all songs will be made available on our website for students to download.


  • Age: 13+
  • Student of Carnatic music for 5+ years
  • Should have learnt at least 20 kritis and 10 varnams
  • Keen on understanding and exploring manodharma (note: manodharma singing during the workshop is not mandatory. Willing students can volunteer)


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